Gravity Nordic | Services
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A true concierge service

More time. Less hassle. Best outcomes.

Inspiring ideas

We continuously seek new marketing ideas, methods, and materials for you and your creative team, as we know it’s time-consuming to search for them and find reliable producers. You can also shortly browse through hundreds of new ideas with our new digital service. 

Anything’s possible

Through our global partner network, we are not bound to a single producer or method. This entitles us to choose the best ways – methods, materials, and producers – to meet your project deadlines, budgets and most importantly, your dreams.

Simplified communications

Although you obtain the benefits of our whole production ecosystem, you only have to discuss with a single Gravity Nordic project lead from start to finish across all your projects and products. This helps you to save your time and nerves. Doesn’t it?

Traditional way of working

Gravity Nordic’s way of working

Well-functioning ecosystem to support your growth.

Through our global production partner network, we can help your business to promote your products and services across the globe. We offer logistic solutions and warehousing already in various European countries and in the US.  This with our excellent and trustworthy customer service has convinced organisations and brands like Swedish telecommunication giant Tele2, global sports accessory company Suunto and traditional spirit brand Koskenkorva Vodka among others to work with us.

Making your production
ideas come to life.

From point-of-sale materials
to digital campaigns.

  • POS (point-of-sale) and retail materials
  • Printing services
  • Event materials including digital displays
  • Sticker, taping and labelling services
  • Promotional gifts, clothing and textiles
  • Warehousing, packaging and logistic services
  • Product portfolio planning; including material selection, concept design
  • Supporting graphic and layout design
  • Digital production; campaign landing pages, competitions and banners

Spend less time with your reorders.

Our tailored digital store helps you to streamline your marketing and office material orders, and logistics.

On top of our concierge service, we’ve designed and developed a cloud-based digital store that helps organisations with their marketing, promotional and office material reorders and logistics:


  • Enables your organisation’s staff, offices and stores across different locations to reorder your brand materials directly from a warehouse or a producer through a customised eCommerce platform
  • Empowers your marketing team to focus on value-adding tasks by removing unnecessary manual interactions including time-consuming order enquiries, emails, phone calls and often error-prone spreadsheet updates and order confirmations
  • Lowers production costs by centralising orders to order periods (e.g. once a quarter) or by setting minimum order quantities and predicting order quantities with preorder enquiries.
  • Allows you to keep track of all orders, real-time stock and inventory quantities, analyse costs and budgets, and to allocate invoices to specific business units or cost centres.
  • Everything in one place: you can include and make reorders for all your products from various producers and warehouses to your store, not just the ones from Gravity Nordic’s partner ecosystem


Keen to hear more? Request an access to our demo store by scheduling a meeting with our team via an email to or call +358 40 9312 666