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Our references

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Finlandia Vodka

Altia Corporation operates as a distributor, seller and promoter of wines and spirits in Finland. Their best-known brands include Finlandia Vodka, Jack Daniels, Blossa and Amarula, along with several wine brands, such as Tarapacá, Pasqua, Codorníu, Bollinger, and Trapiche. In the past few years, Gravity Nordic has developed a strong partnership with Altia Group and Finlandia Vodka.

“Co-operation with Gravity facilitates the execution of the marketing campaigns in terms of costs but also with regard to personnel resources. Usually, there is not enough time for us to arrange competitive bidding between printing houses. Trust and working with a single contact person are key factors in our successful collaboration. What is important for me is that, after I have briefed Gravity, materials find their way to our customers at the agreed time.” 


Panu Kuusela
Finladia Vodka Brand Manager


Betsson is a Nordic online gaming site and one of the leading online gaming sites in Europe. It is part of the Swedish BML Group, a gaming group that has been in the business for over 50 years. Betsson Group employs nearly 1,300 people. Betsson’s view of the co-operation:

In the summer of 2014, we began cooperation with Gravity and it has been smooth sailing ever since! The Gravity guys are working hard at their headquarters in Helsinki. We are able to execute our ideas from draft to product quickly, and we are glad to receive excellent quality regardless of the tight schedules. We are in a good place going forward!

Read more about Betsson › or call tel. +358 50 362 3730 and ask the customer for details on our collaboration.


Danfoss Heating is the leading company in its field. We offer a large selection of components for energy-efficient heating solutions, from radiator thermostats to larger property heating pumps. Our products promote good ambient air, the comfort of heat, and savings in heating expenses. Danfoss’ view of the co-operation:

Cost-effective and competitive prices, quality printed materials delivered on schedule, and all the materials from the same supplier. Previously, I had to spend time and resources shopping around for various suppliers and looking for “the one” – which did not always turn out to be the best choice. I ended up fumbling around for nothing and suffering the consequences myself. Now, thanks to Gravity and Marko, this aimless fumbling is in the past, as they make sure that I get what I want, which means I can use my time more productively.

Read more about Danfoss Heating › or call tel. + 358 (0) 207 569 239 and ask the customer for details on our collaboration.

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